The Allow Healing Academy is for healers in training, empaths or holistic health professionals who desire to step into the space of "un-learning" the illness we learned.

Your parasympathetic nervous system is directly connected with relaxation, digestion, and regeneration. Your breathing, heart rate, and body temperature are regulated by this system. When your body feels safe, the parasympathetic nervous system facilitates rest, relaxation, and digestion. For people who have chronic gut immune problems, the body has been psychologically conditioned and programmed in a constant mode of relational and social stress for years. Deep healing requires you to heal the emotional psyche stored within body, so that your default state, is one of rest, not stress. 

Good news is, this deep conditioning and programming can be de-conditioned, deprogrammed, unlearnt and let go of from the body's memories.

Following the Allowing Approach process and Psychosomatic Resonance Healing framework you will reach a whole new level of true self acceptance and self approval that brings your body back into alignment with your heart of the soul, required for your healing and recovery, forever.

When we heal our past, we heal the psyche and consciousness that projects the future and creates our present. When we truly heal, we heal towards our presence, a portal into forever.

Using the Allow Approach includes the following process:

  • Slow down, get still and breathe 
  • Pay attention to your emotional resistance and triggers from a space of awareness 
  • Become vulnerable and intimate with your experience as "one with them" 
  • Allow the feelings and sensations in the body to be as they are fully 
  • Give extra permission to allow the feelings underneath the surface feelings, and see what the mind is trying to resist that wants to surface 
  • Stay present with the feelings in a state of non-resistance until the feelings fade into acceptance of the moment 
  • Repeat the process in full surrender to the emotions moment to moment 

Using the Psychosomatic Resonance Healing framework you can experience: 

  • How to awaken your emotional Resistance and Psychological Roots contributing to illness
  • How to Release the layers of Resistance to these Roots
  • How to Reconnect your mind to your body's natural Resonance
  • How to Restore your bioenergy flow
  • How to Return to your heart
  • How to Resurrect your soul &
  • How to live the path of Least Resistance
  • How to Regenerate & Recover your body, the true "home" you live in 

The theories, approaches and techniques used in this school include body-based mindfulness, the art of allowing, the letting go technique, emotional and spiritual psychology, Jungian shadow-work, bioenergetics, expressive arts therapy, music therapy and more.

These combined evidence-based approaches, focus in on bringing the body into a state of allowing and non-resistance so that the body can begin to let go of the resistance, and emotional trauma patterns of dysfunction that it has been holding onto. This is psychosomatic healing at it's core.

Illness was learnt, thus healing illness is a process of unlearning, back to a natural resonance. Our nature is perfect.

"For me the most helpful was your meditations.

Feeling my body and not resisting symptoms like bloating, pain etc.

Everything was helpful for me.

Generally my belly has improved with all the symptoms.

I know now that I can have a better connection with myself.

Now I'm more aware of my body.

~ Kinga B.

Tracey-Rose, LMHC, MN, RN,

Psychosomatic Practitioner & Parasympathetic Healer

Tracey helps you to release deep mental and emotional resistance that has led to your chronic gut-immune system conditions by guiding you to transcend your past traumas and alchemising into a new level of true self acceptance required for long lasting healing.

Tracey empowers you to grow emotional-body self awareness and a technique to heal your body at the deepest soul-cellular level. You can experience the following psychosomatic healing.